Getting Down to Business #1: AGENDAS

Journey back with me, to a time long, long ago…back when there were still 9 planets…

I was participating in an Officer Training program for newly elected District 4-H Council Officers.  Our guest speaker was Dr. Damon Miller, who would later become Florida 4-H State Leader.  Dr. Miller imparted upon me something I had never thought about previously, and never forgotten since:

“Never attend a meeting without an agenda.”

What seems so simple, is really so brilliant!

How often do we see groups (work, civic, 4-H) get together to do business, without a real action plan?  I know I’ve been in more than a few (sorry Dr. Miller!), and they are frustrating without a doubt.

Your agenda is your map for a successful 4-H Club meeting.  It’s design will determine your success.

A nice starting off point for your club meeting agenda is:

1.  Call to Order
2.  Pledge of Allegiance/4-H Pledge
3.  Roll Call
4.  Icebreaker
5.  Minutes of Previous Meeting
6.  Treasurer’s Report
7.  Correspondence (read by secretary or president) Note: This includes important items
from 4-H newsletter
8.  Committee Reports
9.  Old Business
10. New Business
11. Date and Time of Next Meeting
12. Adjourn Business Meeting
13. Educational Program
14. Games and/or Snacks

Your agenda may not include all sections based on your club’s needs, but this is a nice starting point.  Also, a quick internet search for “meeting agenda templates” will give you lots of creative options to spice up your agenda.

Other general tips:

  •  List your topics for discussion in order of importance.  Then if you run out of time, you will have tackled the most important issues already.
  • If someone is to speak on the agenda, make sure they know so in advance! Someone prepared to speak will be more concise and to-the-point than someone who is call on-the-spot to speak.
  • Provide time frames for discussion items.  For example:  Spring Field Trip- 12 minutes.  Have someone volunteer to keep time.
  • Know your end time before you begin.  Especially when working with youth who are relying on parents for transportation.  It’s much easier for parents to know they should pick up their child at “6:30 p.m.” than “Oh, probably about an hour and a half from now.”

See you next post, when we discuss:  “Taking Care of Business #2:  Meeting Openers.”

agenda pic



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