Hurricane Preparation: What About the Kids?

Dear Reader,

I’m not certain where you are logging in from today, but I’m currently here in “sunny” Florida watching and waiting for Hurricane Irma. When I haven’t been watching the Weather Channel as if it were ESPN during play off season, I’ve been prepping. I’ve been stockpiling batteries, candles, water, an unacceptably large quantity of peanut butter M & M’s, and other necessities.

But what about the kids? Sometimes the smallest people in our households can take a backseat in our minds as we rush to prepare. However, it is important to remember they need to be prepared too.

Things to think about:

  •  Explain what will happen, in simple and age-appropriate terms.  There are some great resources to help you with this here:  Explaining Hurricanes to Kids
  • Be careful not to overdue your explanations though.  If all your household conversations focus on the approaching hurricane and nothing else, it can increase children’s anxieties.
  • Remain calm as you prepare.  Remind your children that preparing for the storm is a good thing, as it will help your family remain safe.  I love how this television station speaks directly to the children in the audience to reassure them and ease their anxieties:  WFTV
  •  Involve your children in hurricane preparation.  Make it fun for them.  In our house we have started a special “Hurricane Toy Box.”  No matter how much they cry and beg, they are not allowed to take anything from the box until the storm gets closer.
  • Have on hand a list of fun and electricity-free activities for the family for when the power goes out.  Board games, arts and crafts, 4-H project work, etc.
  • This is a great time for a family camp out!  Gather all your pillows and blankets into one room.  Add some stories and s’mores.  Guaranteed good time!

For more great ideas from others, check out:

Top 10 Ways to Keep Kids Busy During a Hurricane

Keeping Kids Busy Before, During, and After the Storm

Stay safe out there friends!

P.S.  You really haven’t lived until you have changed a dirty diaper by headlamp.

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