Resources for Building a Growth Mindset

I promised, and now I will deliver!

If you remember, earlier this week I promised some resources you can use to help encourage growth mindsets among your 4-H members.  Well, here they are:

VIDEO: 4-H Builds Resilience

Growth Mindset Icebreakers for 4-H Volunteers

Praise Process Handout:  Addresses how to give feedback and praise.

Effective Effort Rubric:  Evaluate learning in terms of fixed vs. growth mindsets.

Growth Mindset Feedback Tool:  Tool for giving feedback to youth that encourages the development of a growth mindset.

Growth Mindset Framing:  Statements and phrases to use when encouraging learners to engage in new projects or topics.

Class Dojo: Mindset:  This series of videos are most appropriate for younger audiences.


Grow My Mindset!!!

Psychologist Carol Dweck popularized the term “growth mindset” in her book, Mindset: The New Psychology of Success.  In her book, Dweck describes a mindset at the perception that people have about themselves.  This mindset can either be:

Fixed:  People believe their basic qualities are static, and spend little time developing them.  Example:  “I am not good at math.”

Growth:  People believe that abilities can be developed through effort.  Example “I can be better at math.

Check out this infographic detailing the differences between Growth vs. Fixed Mindsets:


It’s pretty easy to see that why having a growth mindset might be beneficial.  Indeed, repeated research suggests that possessing a growth mindset is an important key to success.  The great news is that there are specific strategies you can take as a person who works with young people to help them develop their growth mindsets!

Join me later on this week as we examine tools to help youth develop growth mindsets!


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